My Life So Far...

I know it's normal to have stage fright. So, it follows that I'm not normal. But that's OK... I have a great life. I've been a school teacher, an administrator, a pastor, a husband and father, an author, a producer and a storyteller.

The one common demoninator has been storytelling. And I have always been in love with it. From Bob Newhart back on the old Ed Sullivan Show to my mom & dad around the dining room table. I was always the little kid hanging around the adults, listening to the stories and trying to figure out what was so funny.

Once I graduated from college, I took up Biblical Storytelling. Seemed like audiences enjoyed coming along with me as I visited ancient times and talked with David and Joseph... and Jesus. Then I had the distinct pleasure of producing, co-writing and performing in 5 original musicals: The Rock & The Rabbi, The Witnesses, David, The Child and The Blind Man's Tale.

Now there is no greater privilege in my life than to tell the God Stories... wherever that leads me.

-Gary Richardson

Gary Richardson